4WD Outback Tours

4WD Tours Outback Australia can be far from the usual tours you know. Hence, someone who haven’t tried this activity should ask all questions necessary to ensure that they can maximise the fun and excitement this type of tour can offer.

Questions To Ask For Your 4WD Tours Outback Australia

Some basic questions should go around factors like the type of 4WD vehicle they will use, the tour inclusions, the people travelling with you, and insurance.

What type of vehicle will be used?

Expect that the road will be tough going to your destination so it is necessary to ask the type of vehicle they will use and your comfortableness while on the road, consider asking:

  • They coaches you will sit in
  • The onboard entertainment like good music and games while on the road
  • The safety precautions inside the vehicle, is there a fire extinguisher, satellite phones, first aid kits and/or any other equipment needed to operate when in areas that are far from civilisations
  • Are their tour guides licensed by the right Government bodies?

The tour inclusions

What are included on your package? This you have to know to ensure what you need to bring. Ask questions such as:

  • Are food included on the package? If not, can you bring your own food? If yes, can you get their menu or can you customise the food depending on your liking?
  • The places you will visit and see while travelling
  • Are the tents readily available to use, or do you need to pull it yourself?
  • What is the maximum weight of luggage can you bring? Is there a charge for extra kilos?

The people travelling with you

  • How many guests will be travelling with you?
  • The usual groups you will be with, mostly couples, friends travelling or independent travellers? (Some have preferences on the group they want to travel with)
  • If you are travelling alone, are you sharing tents with others?
  • How many tour guides will assist you?
  • Are you expecting kids or pets travelling with you? Or can you tag along your pet or kid?


Insurance is an important factor to ask during 4WD tour Outback Australia. This is a guarantee that your tour is not only exciting but safe as well. Ask questions like:

  • The inclusion of insurance they provide
  • Can you use your own insurance instead?
  • Is there an extra charge to pay for insurance? Or is it part of your tour package?

The questionnaires above are just few of the many questions you need to ask before going on a tour. The more questions you ask, the better.