4WD Accessories

Four Wheel Drive Accessories You Should Add for Long Trips

Do you own a four wheel drive vehicle? If yes, chances are you love to go off-road and take long trips to enjoy the power of your vehicle. Anyway, who wouldn’t as four wheel drives are meant for the same reason.

However, adding four wheel drive accessories to customise your car can help make the ride smoother so you enjoy the ride more. Here are some top four wheel drive accessories you should add to your ride:

Top 5 4 x 4 Auto Accessories

Upgraded Suspension

One of the four wheel drive accessories that will make your driving experience fun and smooth is an upgraded suspension. Lifted suspension gives you better ground clearance. Also, it makes the ride smooth when you are off the tarmac either on corrugated road or where there’s no road at all.

Bull Bar

Adding a bull bar doesn’t enhance your driving experience or comfort, but the security. Most good Bull bars provide protection to your vehicle in case you hit wildlife or something else on the road. The downside to adding a bull bar is that it is meant to collapse on impact.

It helps keep your car intact. However, it means you have to buy a new one every time you hit something on the road. The other downside is that they add to the weight of the vehicle. A heavier vehicle automatically consumes more fuel.

Cargo Barrier

They are installed in the boot to separate it from the back passenger seats. Therefore, stack up luggage all the way to the roof of the car so it does not fall on passengers as you drive. It enhances the safety of your passengers, especially when you have kids on board so you can focus on your driving knowing they are safe.

Roof Racks

Off-roading and going for long trips means you might have to be away from home for a few days or so. Also, if you are on a trip with family or friends then it means there is a lot of luggage to carry. With roof racks, you can carry more luggage on your car. The accessory also makes it easy to carry items that cannot fit in the boot of your car.


It is a four wheel drive accessory designed to help increase air intake to your four wheel drive vehicle. It is achieved by raising the air intake to the roof of the car rather than having it just under the bonnet. When you go off road on dusty tracks, your car does not take in dust. Therefore, it does not affect the performance of the engine or even cause problems.

Other four wheel drive accessories can be added to enhance your driving experience when you go off road and take long trips. Other accessories you can add to your four wheel car include: hand or power driven winch, long range tank for extra fuel on the road, side steps, overhead consoles, and many others.