Long Term Storage

There are some things you need to keep in mind for successful preparation and protection of your stuff for long-term storage. These are discussed as follows:

  1. Cleaning and preparation

Before storing your furniture, the first thing you need to do is giving each material a thorough clean. You can start this by wiping them down using a fresh cloth. After this, you can proceed to use an appropriate cleaner and then wipe them down once more. By doing this, you will add a protection layer.

The final step is to allow the items to breathe freely in a well-ventilated place as you let them dry completely. After doing this, no issues of trapped humidity are likely to reside on this stuff while covering and packing them for storage. Any trapped moisture is at high risk of damaging the item with time and even end up creating discolouration marks.

  1. Disassemble the items for easy transport

For the cases where you are having larger items like couches, beds, tables, and dressers, it’s good to prepare them for smoother transportation. You can make this possible if you only decide to dismember the pieces before you proceed to transport them to the storage unit. This step is an assurance of lightening your load and easing transport.

A good example is where you decide to remove the tables and sofas’ legs, take out every drawer from the dressers and the cushions from couches. You can also take out the planks from the bedframes. To increase the convenience, you can group, label and the wrap these pieces together so that they remain in an organised way. See Betta Self Storage in Melbourne for further details.

  1. Cover and protect the items

After the preparation step, next, you need to protect the items by using the right materials. For this case, you can decide to use bubble wrap for the wrapping of the stuff that can break easily like the mirrors, framed pictures, and the blunt parts such as table legs and chairs.

You should always avoid the plastic packing materials since they are in a high position of suffocating the elements. An attempt of using them can lead to unpleasant smells or condensation in the unit. As an alternative, you can decide to go for blankets, covers, cloths or even sheets which play a substantial role of allowing free circulation of air and keeping dust away.

  1. Strategically store

Avoid sloppy storage as it can lead to harmful consequences to your furniture. Therefore, you should try to ensure that you leave a space in between the items to avoid from coming across this problem. By doing this, you allow free circulation of air between the furniture which plays an essential role in protecting the items from damage.

Removalists in Wollongong

Anyone who has visited Wollongong at least once may have thought of moving there. Wollongong is a coastal city to the south of Sydney, with great sandy beaches and ideal conditions for surfers. So should you consider finding a removalist in Wollongong, AU and moving there?

  • Need for removalist

People are constantly trying to grow financially so they can fulfil all their desires and make their lives better. This includes making better living conditions for themselves and for their closest family. Sometimes, this requires moving to a new house or a flat. This process is not something that should concern you, but something that should bring joy and happiness to you and your family.

However, moving in most cases requires taking all of your stuff with you, including your furniture, devices, and much more. If you decide to do this on your own, moving can turn out to be an unpleasant and frustrating experience. You may end up exhausted, travelling between your old and new place several times and even forgetting or losing some of your stuff. Experiences like this are a very common reason why people don’t want to move and perhaps stay in one place forever.

Moving should be a synonym for nice times and receiving something better, so you don’t want any of the scenarios listed above to happen. To avoid this, the best thing you could do is to call a removalist to help you with this process.

  • Removalist’s duty

A removalist is basically a company that will speed up the process of moving by transferring your stuff from one place to another. But why would someone pay for a service like this? Hiring a removalist will save you time but also your nerves. Once you make a deal, a group of skilful professionals will pack your items, lift them, organize them carefully in a van or a truck, and drive them to your new place. There is nothing to worry about, and most removalists in Wollongong also offer insurance for all of the items, promising that nothing will be damaged or lost. Regardless of how many items you need transported, calling a removalist will help you to do that in a short period of time. There is no task that removalists are not able to handle, as they have a variety of trucks and staff that are ready to help you any time.

Additionally, you may want to store your things somewhere while you find a new place or finish some renovation. Luckily, removalists can offer you that option as well, so your stuff will be safe and in perfect conditions in their storing facilities.

To conclude, moving to a new home should bring great memories, so you shouldn’t do that on your own. If you are planning to move, the best action you can do is to call a removalist in Wollongong to do the moving for you while you are enjoying the sun on the beach.