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The progress and development of a particular rural or urban area are dependent on a lot of factors like proper zoning and land use, construction of infrastructures like residential or commercial buildings, roads, bridges and similar structures, where the populace can enjoy and benefit from their numerous amenities and facilities.


All of the items mentioned may look and sound great, but without the keen eye and careful attention to the surrounding by professional and practising geodetic engineers, all of these will not be possible. This is the primary reason why Sunshine Coast surveyors have spent many years extending their surveying services in and out of Australia and even overseas. The trust and confidence of their clients make them constantly popular in their craft; thus, producing multiple projects with great ease, confidence and determination for perfection.


To give you a bird’s eye view of what takes place inside the cameras, transits and other powerful surveying equipment in the field, consider the following items below and be more than happy and satisfied upon completion of  a worthwhile project:

Proper zoning and land use


Improvements, structure extensions, and land or soil modifications adhere to specific or particular state laws and policies. A concrete example is when a proposed road is seen and finally evaluated as an obstruction or future hazard in a public area, surveyors will recommend moving or transferring a site to where it would be safe and secure. As such, the order and arrangement of structures should not interrupt with utilities like water pipes, electricity and telephone or internet lines of distribution.


Surveyors constantly make trips to different areas many times a year in order to perform precise and accurate measurements. This includes edifices, construction site projects, proposed roads, underground tunnels, private or government properties. This is done in order to plot them on a map and assess or evaluate its safety, security and more importantly, its feasibility that makes it an advantage for business and economic reasons.


Utilisation of modern technology in surveys


Apart from three-dimensional (3D) presentation or execution applied on land areas, special survey drones are also used in aerial surveys. This small, yet powerful thing on the air gives engineers and surveyors a first-hand look of  current or future construction and development sites. The drones can even take pictures or images and send the information online for evaluation. Real-time surveys are now so popular that even Sunshine Coast surveyors have spent a lot, just to give their clients and customers, all the services they need for their utmost happiness and satisfaction.


Engineering services


It all boils down to almost perfect calculations and computations before surveyors tell you that a construction project is good to go. You just cannot place telephone booths or fire hydrants on a busy city alley without the recommendations of expert surveyors. Life is of the essence and Sunshine Coast surveyors, so far, have excellent records of no casualties in all their survey projects. They always make a difference because most of the time when construction projects fail and falter, it’s usually engineers and surveyors who receive the blame and public scrutiny. Thanks to their commitment, dedication and professionalism, their records show zero accidents and casualties that is always brought about by wise decisions and intelligent collaboration between architects, engineers, administrators and especially the men and women behind the success of all these dreams turned into realities, the Sunshine Coast Surveyors. Look up Sunshine Coast surveyors today!





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