Why Use Paper Coffee Cups

Paper coffee cups have a long history. In the beginning people used to drink all kinds of beverages in mugs. After world war one, came the Spanish flu epidemic in the year 1918. People began to realize that germs would spread easily from one person to another if vessels were reused, despite proper cleaning. Thus a Boston lawyer and inventor named Lawrence Luellen, designed a copped cup and named it the health cup. Later on he changed its name to Dixie cup. Though the design is no way similar to that of the paper coffee cup design you see today, but it was a start.

Later on people started using styrene cups for drinking hot beverages. However styrene is not biodegradable and can be found in the environment long after it has been disposed of. Thus the environmentalist movement brought about a major change in the way people think. Star Bucks claims to recycle the disposable coffee cups. The majority of paper coffee cups are deigned from board and paper. These have a simple design and can be used for both cold and hot drinks.

The following are a few reasons why you should aim to use paper coffee cups.

  • Paper cups are more ecofriendly when compared with styrene cups. These are made from natural material and is easy to dispose of. Plus there are several companies which claim to recycle the paper cups. Plus it occupies les space because once used it can be folded easily and stashed away unlike plastic cups which normally retain their shape.
  • Paper cups are biodegradable. This means that these are made from natural material and no toxic waste could be produced from it. Plus when its thrown way, it doesn’t release ay toxic compounds in the environment either.
  • It is easy to recycle paper coffee cups. The mixture of pulp and water can be reused to make other paper products.
  • Safe to use. Health conscious people know that using any other material than paper can have an adverse effect on their health. Paper cups are nontoxic and therefore safe to use.
  • Paper coffee cups come in a variety of shapes and designs. You can get any color you want or you could choose different sized cups. The choices are endless. Plus these colorful paper cups look pretty and can improve the aesthetic appeal of any place they are kept in. in fact at parties you can use these paper cups to design your own specific party theme.
  • Paper coffee cups are easier on the budget too. Since paper is a natural material it’s not too hard on the pocket. Unlike plastic or Styrofoam which are a bit more expensive.
  • Paper coffee cups are lightweight and can be used on the go. Cat sit and have coffee in one place, simply get a lid on that coffee and be off to commute.

For more information on paper coffee cups, designs and varieties, make sure you check out the ones available at Australian Manufacturers.

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